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That Metal Guy Helps Kids!

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That Metal Guy wants to help kids and their families during a time that they need it the most!


A second home – that’s how many patients and their families refer to Children’s Hospital in London, Ontario. Through their health care journeys, they come to know it as a place that they can trust and feel safe in during the most difficult times in their lives. As kids continue to face medical emergencies, cancer, chronic illness, and other life-threatening health issues during uncertain times, Children’s stands by them with leading-edge care.


Children’s Hospital offers the most advanced paediatric care in its region. Each year, it is counted on by more than 66,000 children, from birth to age 18, living in Western Ontario.


When a child’s life is threatened, our medical professionals have the expertise to offer world-class care in more than 30 different medical specialties and sub-specialties. Children’s Hospital is affiliated with Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute. It is an environment rich in education and research opportunities that attract the very best and brightest to stand by our kids and save their lives.


About That Metal Guy

That Metal Guy (London, Ontario) has been in business for 12 years and has a 5-star rating across all platforms.  Scrap metal pickup service, recycling all scrap metal and e-waste items from any home or business.


An award-winning company - Consumers Choice Award winner for 2021, 2022, and 2023 also Platinum Winner for the Community Voters London in Waste Removal Services for 2020, 2021, 2022 and winners for best contractors award for the Community Voters London taking Top pick in 2020, Silver winner in 2021 and moving up to top place as the platinum winner in 2022 and we are an A+ Credited Business through the Better Business Bureau.

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